Recovery is a journey, not a destination


This is a motivational blog. It’s inspired by a walk which had a painful beginning. The walk was challenging and rewarding and I hope that some of my reflections resonate with you on your healing journey.

Here’s a pic of the walk too: having climbed up from the forest floor the view wasn’t spectacular—but at least there was daylight!

Have a listen and when you’ve finished maybe you’d like to share your thoughts too?

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  1. run.rabbit.RUN says:

    That is like auditory gold listening to your voice say those insightful and uplifting words Serena. I am so glad I listened to that! and thanks for pointing me in this direction! 😊 You express your ideas so well, are articulate and passionate, and come across as very strong and centred. I would have taken the hard path too 🙂 Lottie


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